Freet 2-10-17 Nihongi Nishi-ku,Kumamoto-shi,Kumamoto-ken,Japan 860-0051

The room doesn’t have phone number.

MAP CODE is 29 398 724.

And please use the information about the way .


If You can not use MAP CODE,please come to

Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Station(KAB).

The phone number is 0963591111.

It is close to the apartment.

​☆The way to the apartment☆
It takes 8mins from Kumamoto Sta.
①Start from Kumamoto station"Shirakawa-guchi"(EAST Gate).
②There is a tram(local train) station in front of Kumamoto Station gate.
③Turn right in front of the tram station,there is a police box.
④Passing the police box, you'll find a big green apartment.
⑤Next to it is a Japanese restaurant.
 ⑥Please cross the lights in front of the restaurant.
⑦When you cross the light, you see a black bridge on the right.Cross the bridge and go straight ahead.
⑧There is Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting Station on your left.
⑨There's a restaurant called Soul Kitchen across from the station.Turn right on the street in front of this store.
放送局の向かいに、Soul kitchenというレストランが有りますのでその手前の道を右に曲がってください。
 ⑩You go straight ahead, you'll find the hotel HONZIN in front of you.Please turn left on the road before that.
⑪You can see the obstetrics and gynecology sign on your right.
⑫Next to that sign is the room!